After much insistence from Mr. Fox, I’ve decided to start up another blog.

To be honest, I don’t really have many expectations.

Maybe that’s not a great way to start a new adventure, but I’m not exactly sure what I want this “bit of earth” to be yet.  It just didn’t feel right to go back to my MissAmanda blog since my life has changed so much from my last post there.  It was mostly pre-pregnancy, pre-baby, pre-suburban-stay-at-home mom – I just don’t feel like that person anymore!  But there were good times and good recipes, so they can still be found here.

I have no delusions of being some big-time blogger – I’m too restless and random and noncommittal for that!  But I DO need some place to keep a chronicle of my handy/crafty hijinks, a reference for those recipes that we try and must have again, and really just an outlet for the thoughts rattling around in my head.  Certainly the Mr. could use a break from all my ideas and musings!  There will most likely also be a ton of gratuitous baby cuteness.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Our family and friends sometimes feel worlds away, so I think I just mostly want another way to connect and let people know whats happening in our lives.  This is no fairy tale I’m living, there’s way too much laundry and dog hair for that!  But I DO love my life right now, and I want to be appreciative and mindful of it,  not just let it slip away.