Today is my sister’s birthday!  Happy 28th Drea!

Yeaaahh Girrrrlll!

In backyard news, this is what about two hours of work looks like:

The first day I had Ali playing outside with me – until I saw about 4 mosquitoes buzzing around her head!  So, needless to say, that session was cut short!  Yesterday I went out for a little bit during nap time, and made myself some nice working ambiance with two citronella candles by my side.  It kept the skeeters away, but was not really a workable solution.  Now I’ve gotta go get some mosquito spray for the yard before I can continue unbitten…

As far as the project itself, there are some other issues.  Most annoying are the roots from the bushes in the hedgerow, and the fact that I have to dig down about six inches to accommodate the bottles.  But hey – the materials are free, and I think they look pretty cool!

Still to do:

-Finish the border

-Pull up the grass and put down newpaper

-Transfer some monkey grass from the front of the house to the back

-Put down mulch

This will probably take me until 2017!  Haha!