I envision this blog as a place to keep track of all my various projects, my Pinterest obsession, and my cooking successes and failures.  Not just Mama stuff.  But it has been surprisingly cathartic to put some of my thoughts and feelings out into the universe.

My inner Snark says “Nobody cares!  This is so self-centered!  Just shut your face and go finish that laundry…”

But it feels good!  And I don’t really care if anybody reads it or not!  After 30 years of people-pleasing and perfection, can’t I just do something for ME?

I think so.

I, I, I!  Me, me, me!

My little posts here are helping me work through my mini-identity-crisis in this transition from working wife to stay-at-home mom/wife.  It’s keeping me more focused on the present moment and the good things in the day-to-day, instead of constantly planning and focusing on the future.

If thats selfish, so be it.