Here’s a mish mash of whats been going on this past week or so:

Last Friday afternoon:  My neighbor lets me know she’s having a yard sale in the morning.  I proceed to tear through the house and attic gathering crap lovely things to sell.  Sorting and pricing goes past midnight…

Saturday:  I sleep through my 6 am alarm, jump out of bed at 8, and immediately run out of the house to see what I’m missing at the yard sale.  Luckily I wasn’t missing much – no one was there at the moment, so no yard sale customers were subjected to my bed-head, pj’s and crazy eyes.  All in all, it was not a very successful sale – we made a whopping $37.  But we had fun hanging out with the neighbors, and now that the work is done, we’re gonna throw it all back out there next time we have a nice sunny Saturday.

Monday:  Corey and I celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary!  He took the day off and we did super-romantic things like taking the baby to the doctor for a check up, eating cheapo Mexican food, napping and watching Anthony Bourdain and Ridiculousness.  If you didn’t know, we’re super classy!  But seriously, we had an awesome day, and I love the fact that we can do anything or nothing together and still have a blast.


A snapshot towards the end of our wedding reception/bonfire. 10/15/05

I also made some double chocolate chip muffins for him to take to a breakfast potluck at work.  They were yummy – more about them later…

Tuesday:  Recovery from all those shenanigans – or rather, complete and utter laziness.  Also – I’ve been completely engrossed in this book.

Today (Wednesday):  Back on the OCD organizing train and working on more Halloween fox hats.  I also went legit and bought my own website domain! Hurray for !!

So now we’re all caught up, but you can all still look forward to an Ali update and a choco-licious muffin recipe soon!