Alternate title: I’m growing up…

Some people at work had a big Halloween party last night. Kegs, a deadly drink called “Purple Jesus”, costumes – the whole deal. Corey owed me a night out, and I even got out of work early just by chance.

And I really really wanted to go and have fun. Then at the last minute, I just decided to go home.

‘Cause I’m an old lady now, and I need my sleep! I just don’t recover from that stuff like I used to. And, I have a little cutie to play with in the mornings. And, if I’m groggy and half-asleep, I miss things. Like snuggling on the couch watching boxing with Corey, big Sunday-morning breakfasts, and the beautiful scenery on the way to work.

Just call me Granny. I’m ready to own it!