Ok. Clearly my head has been in a different place lately.  It’s now November 17th, and my calendar is still in October-land.

In a way, its nice that my life doesn’t have to revolve around intense planning and timetables any more.  But still – I’m sure I missed a thing or two!

I’ve been in a crazed crafty mood again lately.  After finishing three crocheted fox hats for Halloween, I thought I would need a break.  But I think completing those hats really boosted by crochet-confidence, and I’ve been learning new stitches and trying out lots of patterns. (Thanks ravelry!)  Sorry family,  looks like you’ll have to endure another round of handmade Christmas gifts…

This also means that I have little piles of finished projects sitting around that neither Ali or I can use or wear, which leads Corey to nag me to open up my Etsy shop again.  And I’m thinking about it, and making some progress in that direction.  Slowly.  It makes a lot of sense to go that route, but I’m stubborn and I want to *do it right*.  Ahhh.  There’s that perfectionism again.  Well, maybe I’ll get it done when the calendar says December, but its really January!