I came across this project in my blog reader this morning – its from an adorable site called eighteen25.  The project is a nifty printable banner that says “Gather Together & Give Thanks.”  They have free image downloads – just click here and scroll down!

Here is my version:

I loved the look of their kraft paper cardstock, but I didn’t even know that it existed til this morning, so I didn’t have any lying around!  What I did have were some cereal boxes that I cut apart and saved ( I knew I could use them for something!!!)

I also learned that you can run cereal boxes through your printer!  Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure all the bumpy edges are cut off
  • Run it through one “page” at a time – you may have to give it a little push to make sure the wheels grab on properly.
  • Make sure you know whether your paper should be face up or down!

The rest is easy!  Color in the circles and letters (great for kids or a Momma that needs a break), cut out, punch holes in the corners, tie together, and hang!