Well, I’ll announce the store, and link to it today, but technically its already open!  Google says the best time to announce something on Facebook for the most views and shares is Monday-Wednesday between 1-4 pm.  Yeah.  I googled that.  Makes sense, since that would definitely be the time of day I’d most likely be bored at work and searching around online ;).

vixen and kit logo

Click here to visit the Vixen and Kit Shop!

Either way, I’m really excited to finally have the basics of the store up and running.  I have SO many more ideas for new things to make, but I finally had to stop myself and just get something out there.  As a recovering perfectionist, I wanted to show everything all at once…  “I can do this, and this, and this!!…”  and on and on…  But with the two little ones and Corey and the house to take care of, obviously my “free” time comes in small bits, so I’ll be rolling out new stuff as I can.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Baby Girl Headbands

sunshine strawberry headbandheadband colors

Girls/Teen Headbands

aqua soft pinkgray soft pink flower close

Mix and Match Flower Sets

navy sunshine strawberrygray mint peach


And now I’m off to test a new hat pattern and catch up on laundry!