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I’ve been working on a little project just for me the past few days.  I thought I’d show a little about how my brain works when I have an idea about something.

I found this image of a sun last week in the midst of my astrology obsession:


The face kinda creeps me out, but I love the rays and how it’s all just made out of black lines.

I played around with it on the computer and came up with this:

I decided to transfer it on to some fabric, probably to make a wall hanging of some sort.  Well, actually I’m using drop cloth.  But it’s what I had on hand, and if it doesn’t work out its no big loss!

Here’s what I have so far!  I’m working on it in between laundry and dishes and diapers, so I have no clue how long it will take.  I also don’t know what it’s actually going to BE when I’m done, but I’m enjoying the process!


I’ve quit blogging the past time or two from intense feelings of inadequacy.  I mean seriously, “who cares what I have to say?!?”  Well, it seems that I do, because I keep coming back!

The past year or so has been quite the soul-searching journey for me.  I’ve been burned in the crucible of new motherhood, and spent a good amount of time wandering around in the dark trying to figure out who the heck I am now.  Now is the time for me to rise from the ashes and be the crazy, crafty, shiny, smiley, big-hearted, big-haired wild woman that I know I am.

I’m letting go of fear and letting loose my voice…

Prepare yourselves…  I’ve decided that this is the


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