Well, it’s definitely been a worn out, cranky, moody, sickly week around here.  I’m barely getting the basics done and getting us all through the day to bedtime.  Awww, sweet bedtime!

Ali wanted to make collages again, and I decided to make my own this time too.

Ali’s Latest.  I do cut out the pieces she chooses, but I swear she glues them down herself!  I just love this one – makes me wish I was a runner.


Here is mine.  Yoga magazine has good content for collages as it turns out.  I got it for free with Huggies rewards (hey gotta get some perks for all those diapers), but I’ll probably renew it just for the pretty pictures. 😊

“Open Heart in Action” – Its turning out to be a rather fitting motto to work towards throughout this frustrating week!