I made some more stamps!

 ((One of these things is not like the others…))

I used them to make hand towels for my cousin Rusty’s wedding gift.  I really wanted a cool block-printed look, but didn’t think it through and they didn’t work so well.  Stamping with a paint/textile-medium combo doesn’t work!!  The stamped images didn’t come out very clearly and I had to hand paint over them to get the color saturation I wanted.  Womp womp.  Oh well…


I was also up against the clock to finish and get them packed for our trip, so this is the only pic I got.  I actually had to make their hot pads while we were traveling because they didn’t get done before we left. 😵 I always have such good intentions… 


I love this mandala-inspired crochet pattern.  It can be done with so many color combinations, and even the same colors can be rearranged for a completely different look.  I tried to use semi-manly colors for these two, but they’re still a bit precious. 😀


Rusty and Tyler had a beautiful wedding.  I hope they have an equally beautiful life together! ❤️