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I so needed to see this today.  So many people I love promoting creativity!

Temple of Art

“Just go toward it, and don’t ever stop.”  -Billy Bob Thornton

YESSS……  Can’t wait til this comes out!

The reason I started following astrology was because I began to recognize synchronicities between things going on in my own life and the planetary “energies” described by astrology writers.

One of my favorite writer/bloggers is Sarah Varcas of Astro-Astrology.

I hate to straight up ‘copy and paste’ from her February energies post, but these snippets are spot on with what I’ve been feeling lately. 

“Whilst we may look back upon a challenging time that tested us deeply, it was actually a time during which our very nature was being broken down and then reformed. 

“We do not simply come through it the same but stronger. We come through it renewed, reborn, refashioned by sacred source. Nothing will ever be the same, least of all us.

“Once we have opened the door to such forces we must learn to live well with them. Having made powerful changes we must be prepared to make more when necessary, and preferably before we are pushed to the limit.”


“We now know how it feels to be forced into deep change. Next time let’s make the change before we’re forced!  Do it in our timing, as soon as we get that nudge from within that says ‘okay… something’s not quite right here….mobilize for change…’. 

“Resistance is futile, but faithful acts of courage in response to inner wisdom are the very essence of the evolutionary process this year.

We will need courage and focus, commitment and clarity. They may all take time to develop sufficiently, but the more we invest in their development now the better equipped we’ll be to respond when change comes knocking once more (which it will).

“Saturn now in Sagittarius provides the practical optimism and enduring courage required to continue down the path of change, even when we rather like where we’re at! 

“Evolution is not about arrival, and transformation is not about securing a state that lasts forever.  Life is always in flux, otherwise it isn’t life.”


I’ve been working on a little project just for me the past few days.  I thought I’d show a little about how my brain works when I have an idea about something.

I found this image of a sun last week in the midst of my astrology obsession:


The face kinda creeps me out, but I love the rays and how it’s all just made out of black lines.

I played around with it on the computer and came up with this:

I decided to transfer it on to some fabric, probably to make a wall hanging of some sort.  Well, actually I’m using drop cloth.  But it’s what I had on hand, and if it doesn’t work out its no big loss!

Here’s what I have so far!  I’m working on it in between laundry and dishes and diapers, so I have no clue how long it will take.  I also don’t know what it’s actually going to BE when I’m done, but I’m enjoying the process!


I’ve quit blogging the past time or two from intense feelings of inadequacy.  I mean seriously, “who cares what I have to say?!?”  Well, it seems that I do, because I keep coming back!

The past year or so has been quite the soul-searching journey for me.  I’ve been burned in the crucible of new motherhood, and spent a good amount of time wandering around in the dark trying to figure out who the heck I am now.  Now is the time for me to rise from the ashes and be the crazy, crafty, shiny, smiley, big-hearted, big-haired wild woman that I know I am.

I’m letting go of fear and letting loose my voice…

Prepare yourselves…  I’ve decided that this is the





Just finished up testing a new pattern that I bought – and I’m super pleased with the results!

photo 2

Corey wears this type of hat a lot, and has quite a collection from Goorin Bros.  I’ve been looking for a good pattern for a crochet kids hat version for a while, and found a great one from Jenny Allbritain of Injenuity Designs.  I can’t even imagine the time and focus it took to develop this pattern, because it is incredibly well done.  The hat itself was fairly easy to make, though a little time consuming.  It’s listed as an Easy/Intermediate pattern, and I think a beginner could do it if you just take the pattern one step at a time.  The pattern also contains lots of clear pictures to help you along the way.

I made the 0-6 month size, and it fit 3 month old Stella pretty well with some room to grow.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

It was so much fun taking these pictures of her.  (The doc finally gave her some medicine that has helped a lot with her reflux – I have a mostly happy baby now!)

Bottom line:  I highly recommend this pattern if you’d like to crochet something for a little one in your life.

This gray one is in stock in my shop, or you can always request a custom order.


Well, I’ll announce the store, and link to it today, but technically its already open!  Google says the best time to announce something on Facebook for the most views and shares is Monday-Wednesday between 1-4 pm.  Yeah.  I googled that.  Makes sense, since that would definitely be the time of day I’d most likely be bored at work and searching around online ;).

vixen and kit logo

Click here to visit the Vixen and Kit Shop!

Either way, I’m really excited to finally have the basics of the store up and running.  I have SO many more ideas for new things to make, but I finally had to stop myself and just get something out there.  As a recovering perfectionist, I wanted to show everything all at once…  “I can do this, and this, and this!!…”  and on and on…  But with the two little ones and Corey and the house to take care of, obviously my “free” time comes in small bits, so I’ll be rolling out new stuff as I can.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Baby Girl Headbands

sunshine strawberry headbandheadband colors

Girls/Teen Headbands

aqua soft pinkgray soft pink flower close

Mix and Match Flower Sets

navy sunshine strawberrygray mint peach


And now I’m off to test a new hat pattern and catch up on laundry!


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