I always have at least a half-dozen projects or ideas going at once – for better or worse, it’s just how I work.  A lot of times it makes me feel scattered and like it takes forever to finish things, but there are some positives that I’ve found.  First off, it keeps me from getting bored!

Today I decided to work on lino-cutting a stamp.  I’ve never done it before, and I’ve been putting it off because I wasn’t exactly sure if I could do it.  I’ve seen Corey carve woodcuts before, so I had an idea of the process, and the first step is tracing your design onto the linoleum.

Tracing.  I can handle that!  So I decided to take the first step to get started, and told myself that if I got confused or held up, I could just go work on a different project.

Turns out, though, that this lino- cutting business is pretty easy and fun!  

All of a sudden, I realized I was figuring it out as I went, and really enjoying the process.   There was no need to put it off.  That was just fear of failure and fear of the unknown.

And now I have something beautiful.  It turned out better than I imagined, and I can’t wait to use it!  Well, except for the fact that all my inkpads are dried out…  Oopsies 🙂


Well, it’s definitely been a worn out, cranky, moody, sickly week around here.  I’m barely getting the basics done and getting us all through the day to bedtime.  Awww, sweet bedtime!

Ali wanted to make collages again, and I decided to make my own this time too.

Ali’s Latest.  I do cut out the pieces she chooses, but I swear she glues them down herself!  I just love this one – makes me wish I was a runner.


Here is mine.  Yoga magazine has good content for collages as it turns out.  I got it for free with Huggies rewards (hey gotta get some perks for all those diapers), but I’ll probably renew it just for the pretty pictures. 😊

“Open Heart in Action” – Its turning out to be a rather fitting motto to work towards throughout this frustrating week!

Making peoples’ Valentine’s Day dreams come true for 11 hours at the restaurant yesterday really wore me out.

I really wanted to bust into this week full force and get started on some projects, but that’s not gonna happen today.  And I refuse to force it.  I’m SO tired of pushing and striving and making things happen at the expense of my health and mental well-being.

So, today we’re just chillin’!  Snuggling, reading, etc….  Just generally being happy!  😀


There is lots of dreaming going on behind the scenes around here.  Lots of figuring out how we can all use our unique gifts to bring about a big family vision.  There is nothing more exciting than possibility!

 Today has been really great from start to finish.  Here are a few snaps:
  Hey MovieStar!

  Shrimp and Grits for lunch.  #chefMama




February 8th is the first day of the Chinese New Year, and this is the year of the Fire Monkey!  Today there is also a new moon in Aquarius – everyone is all abuzz about planting seeds for new beginnings, making changes, and working towards new dreams!

I am really enjoying finding ways to incorporate some of these “alternative” sources of knowledge into my daily life and soul development.

From Kari Samuels:

“Aquarius is the sign of the rebel.  It stirs a revolution within.  Aquarius’ gift is clear objectivity to see where you have been restricted by other people’s rules so that you can break free.  By seeing beyond what you previously thought was possible, you liberate yourself and inspire others.

You are unique. 

Not one person on this planet has the gifts you were born with. 

The Aquarius vision can free you from other people’s perceptions.  You can let go of things that you have accepted as truth in the past, but no longer ring true for you.”

fire monkey

So, what is this about some “Fire Monkey”?!?    Well, fire is the element of passion and courage.  The monkey is a quick-witted problem-solver who can find solutions to any challenge.  The Fire Monkey is empowering you to have and be whatever you want.  You just have to have the courage to go for it!  Blessings will come to those who believe in themselves and take action towards their goals.

Is there a dream in your heart?

If you’ve been given a desire, you have all the tools within you to fulfill it.  When you are expressing your unique soul’s purpose, all the forces in the world will align to help you.

So…  Let’s declare our intentions:  Get quiet and get clear about what you really want.  Then state your intentions clearly and directly to whatever Higher Power you believe in:

“It’s my time.  I am uniquely talented.  I am uniquely beautiful. 

No one and no thing can stop me from expressing my gifts. 

Everything is supporting me in fulfilling my soul’s purpose.”


I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the past year getting clear on what I really want my life to be.  When it comes down to it, I just want to take care of my family  and express my creativity by making things.  That’s really it!  And considering I stay home during the week, and only work 1, maybe 2 days on the weekends, I’m already arranging my schedule in a way that supports this.  We don’t have a ton of extra money since we’re basically on one income, but from a positive perspective it just creates boundaries.  Instead of rambling around spending money, or working more to make more money, I can focus on keeping my butt at home and making stuff!  If my dream was something more lofty, maybe I’d have more things to work toward, but I see now that I have no excuses not to do what I love.

So let’s live people!  Write a story, bake a cake, snuggle with your little ones, go help somebody, call a friend, rearrange your furniture, build a car engine — whatever you love, just go do it!  Nothing is too big or small.  Find your soul’s work, and get to it!

I just had to hold myself back from calling this post “Kids Krafting”…  Because, well… we are not the effing Kardashians!  😁😁

Anyhoo- I’ve been fighting with our water heater for the past two days, so I haven’t been doing much fun and creative stuff.  So I thought I’d post pics of cute kids crafting:

 Ali’s Collage

  Ali’s funny face

  Stella’s messy paint hands

  Ice cube tray paint palette (because who really uses a paint palette, or knows where it is??????)

  Just straight up crafty cuteness!



Today I made a card for my Papaw Jim’s birthday.  I like making cards (and envelopes) for people – it’s kind of the same meditative feeling I get with one of those intricate coloring books, but I have an actual use for it when I’m done.

After I troll around Pinterest or Etsy and find an image I like for the birthday person, I size it to fit a quarter-fold card and print it out.  Then I use my trusty light box to transfer it to some card stock.  Just white paper and a sharpie here – nothing fancy!

Today I was listening to a podcast while tracing.  Notes exploded onto the page! 😁

Work in progress.

And done!  

I love it, and I hope Papaw does too. 🎉

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