So, I just realized I’m a hoarder.

No – not THAT kind of hoarder!  I’m constantly getting rid of physical things, and *trying* to simplify my home environment, but now I’ve apparently stumbled upon a new form of stockpiling.  I’m now a rabid collector of ideas.

I’ve always collected recipes, and snipped images out of magazines.  I have hundreds of bookmarked links that I hardly ever go back to utilize.  And in the year and a half I’ve been using Pinterest, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a way to visually organize my hoard (!!)


Yesterday I was reading a homeschooling blog post about how children learn really well through project-based teaching methods, but sometimes need to be taught how to follow through and persevere til they are finished.  The author, Lori Pickert, has this to say:

“Many adults, let alone children, stall in the information gathering stage of a project.  They keep collecting inspiration and ideas without ever moving forward to the point of making something of their own.  Forget about finishing – they can’t start.

Finishing is a key skill.  The beginning part of a project is the least difficult and often the most fun.  There are materials to buy and inspirational photos to look at.  The middle is when things get harder.  And sometimes we never make it past the middle.  Everything gets shoved back into a bag, and then into the back of a closet, and we move on to another fun beginning.”

Oh man, my cheeks are burning!  She totally just called me out!!

Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar circumstance in my crafting life.  And Pinterest provides the proof:

Just one pin shy of 1,500 bookmarks.  And how many things have I made?  Well, I think its only fair to separate recipes from crafty/DIY projects, but either way, it’s dismal…

I have tested 19 recipes out of 275 —  roughly 7%

I’ve used 18 crafty/DIY links out of probably 800 – a little over 2%

Overall, I’ve only used 2.5% of my pins.  BAH!  The numbers don’t lie.  I’ve become a hoarder and a non-starter instead of the prolific craftsgirl I envision myself to be.  I need to focus on actually making things again.  Looks like I have a thing or two to learn about starting and finishing.

So I’m cracking down on myself.  I’m going to make a list of a few priority projects (most likely things that need to get done between now and Christmas).  Everything else will be put on hold.  And I’m giving myself rules for internet and Pinterest usage so I don’t get overwhelmed by the constant barrage of new ideas.  No more random browsing and repinning.  Searching for and pinning info related to priority projects is allowed, and naturally I can browse things I’ve already pinned.  But thats it!!

Big-picture-wise this is not really just about crafting – its more importantly about being a more disciplined person and a good role model for Al.

(Let’s not even talk about the fact that my daughter isn’t even a year old, and I’m researching homeschool.  I’m eternally getting ahead of myself…  sigh.)